The Happy Birthday Girl

A very happy birthday to the Beach Boy/Summertime litter starring Kady with supporting cast (in birth order) Hiro, Rip, Archer, Opal, Abby, Summer, Rosie, and Louie.  


With Momma Hannah the morning they were born.

Little did I know on this day four years ago that it was going to be the last C-Myste Cardigan litter born in this house.  It’s bittersweet, but big life changes are coming.


Kady at home with her (half) sister and BFF Dora.


Kady at four.


She watches over me carefully.

 The last year has been a difficult one, and it has made a dramatic change in our relationship.  After surgery last June, I assumed that the bouncy high-flying Kady would be the one who needed to be locked out of the bedroom.  Instead, she flipped an internal switch and became the most gentle, nurturing “nurse”.   She now hates to let me out of her sight, having decided that bad things happen when I go places without her.

And as for the big changes coming?


And she’ll be doing much more of this soon.

Our week in dogs . . .

Heartbreak.  Rogue lost all ten of the beautiful babies she was carrying.  The only consolation is that Rogue herself is going to be ok.  It was touch-and-go for her on Friday.  Penni also lost her singleton Alice great-grandchild.  Whelping and raising puppies is so difficult and can be emotionally overwhelming.

Rogue (CH Toreth C-Myste Rollin’ on the River)

Our sweet grandma Hannah also came through another medical procedure this week.   Many of you know that she was struck by a vehicle in September of 2012.   Through the support and donations of many friends, she was able to be patched back together.  She has developed a new complication: megacolon.  Mandy will have a lot on her hands caring for Hannah in the future, but hopefully the condition will be controlled with diet and drugs.

553460_726641650679994_1317011494_n 1005854_726641587346667_1163000891_n (1)

You can plainly see the plates and pins from her earlier injury.

I sure hope that the year gets better from here . . .