The Pilot/Hannah puppies arrived this morning.   Huge, tremendous thanks to Denise Waiting for volunteering to take this on for us.

Eight puppies: two boys and six girls!  I believe there are seven blacks and one stripey one, though one of the pups above looks like it could be a dark brindle.

The first four born . . .

The first and the last born were the boys.  We are really excited by this litter and can’t wait to see how they grow.


Equal Time for Puppies

The last weekend of having all 9 puppies. They grow up so fast.  The last few days they’ve been able to spend some time in the dog yard in the mornings and late evenings.  It’s too hot mid-day.  We carefully rigged shiny silver shade cloth over the exposed area of a kennel so as to be hawk resistant.

The long-suffering Hannah shouldn't have anything left, but they still try. And she lets them.

Opie: "I've got my daddy, nannee, nannee . . ."

So sweet when they're asleep.

Count down to lift-off. We have some ears that won't need much or any taping.

Oh, you again? Yes, her name has become "Opie" though we both have a tendency to call her "Oops".

Louie the Lunk with his bootiful bloo eyes.

Pick you up? Again? Why?