And the Winner is

Good morning, Rosie!


Let us introduce you to Grandma and to Aunt Molly.

The pups are 11 days old today.  I guess this is right on schedule: more of the litters have been born around day 60 from breeding and open their eyes at day 14.  This litter was born at day 64 from the first breeding, 62 from the second.

Hannah’s world is about to change.

Speaking of Hannah, she is being a terrific mother this time around.  She keeps the puppies fastidiously clean and protects them from the other dogs and from the c*ts.  She’s fine with people visiting, but she seems sure that the other girls want to steal her beautiful babies.  And everybody knows that the c*ts bring in puppy-sized kill regularly.


The Baybeez

Isn’t she cute? I haven’t decided on a name for her yet. She receives all of my mail, but she also has her own gmail account which downloads separately for ease. What?  Oh you want puppy pictures . . .


Zoned out after breakfast

Hannah annoyingly keeps pulling the pad out from under the puppies.  They don’t seem to mind.  And weight gains overnight were the best I’ve seen for this crew. Today Alice and I are driving up to Yakima to meet her grandchildren from the Chase and Magic litter.  Expect some brindle and red cutes on the blog.