Dog show day trois

Otherwise known as get-done-early-and-nap day.  Nothing for us today: Glen and Kay’s puppy was WB/BOW again.  Pie still BOS to Ruby’s BOB. Before heading back to the motel for a nap, we took some pictures in the sun of three of the dogs.  Yesterday the wind was roaring through the canyon to the point where we spent as little time as possible outside. First: the beautiful Iris.  She may have the most beautiful silhouette and outline we have ever had in a Cardigan. I also love her coat texture and the way it lies.  She takes very little grooming.


Next up: Rio. At 11 months, Rio is a bouncy boy who is difficult to photograph without his tail moving and getting in the way.  Once he puts on some weight, gains maturity, and learns to walk on a leash he should do well.

Last but certainly not least in attitude and “charm” is Lucy.

I didn’t get pictures of them walking together yet, but Lucy and her aunt Molly could be entered as a brace.


Picture from the dog-walking area of the Holiday Inn Express in Lewiston.  The fairgrounds are back behind the motel up on top of the bluff.


Some days you’re the windshield,

Some days you’re the bug. Dog shows are like that.  Congratulations to Denise for Ruby’s BOB win and to Glen and Kaye for their WB/BOW win on their young girl. The drive through snow country turned out to not be bad.  The weather is so changeable from one day to the next this time of year, and I took the sure-footed Element rather than the paper-weight Prius.  We did have one little incident though:

New windshield on order.


Rio (Hux x Kayla) is growing up to be a big bouncing beautiful boy.

Iris, from Wally x Hannah #1, has really grown up in the last few months.

I’m still kind of partial to Lucy, the Pilot x Lizzie girl.  I think that Keith and Jo like her, too.

Lucy in puppy group.