At Garrett’s House

Green.   I remember green [sob].

But it’s only a couple of months until our rainy season should start again.

Grandma Alice poses with her naughty granddaughters Ballantyne and Bolin.

We tried many times to get decent shots of Huxley with his daughter Ava.

In most of them, Ava looks rather annoyed.

 “I really, really don’t want to do this.”

“Sigh.  Humans.”

The family ears.

This one’s pretty good.  They really are amazingly alike.

Margot = giant hairy lap puppy.  “Let me out, I wanna play too!”

Kady at the Picnic

For those of you who may have doubted that one or two of my dogs could be good when surrounded by 120 or so other corgis . . .

I have photograhpic evidence.

Apparently non-corgis aren’t so threatening when they’re not Black!

It was hot.  The humans needed to keep the water bowls full.

Kady and Dora with some of their tailless cousins.

A quiet moment close to the Food.

And here is Huxley with his BFF Radar.   Huxley sings “walks like a woman but talks like a man.”