Losses and Memories

In some ways it is hard to believe, but in another way it seems so long ago: it was 17 years ago this weekend that our first Cardigan litter was bred.  Donna Daniels (then in Seattle) and I met at Carol Delsman’s (then in Hillsboro) with Smoky and Julie.  Novices that we were, when a tie was not accomplished in short order we tried to AI – with all of the wrong equipment.  We then let the two out into the yard to play while we relaxed.   A while later, we went to call the dogs in.    “Here Smoky, Here Julie!”   no response.  We called again, and again . . . and here came da beyootiful Jawoo, trucking across the yard, bringing Smoky with her.  Literally bringing Smoky with her, walking backwards as quickly as he could.

What a fun weekend it turned out to be, as it stretched into the next week.  One of those ice storms roared westward from the gorge.  We made a quick store run and stocked up on essentials (beer, wine, chips) and then waited it out until it was safe to drive.

Last week Tamera let me know that they had to let the last of the puppies go.   Jake, you were a good boy.  The surprise bonus puppy, the last born and last to leave us.

C-Myste Jake  04/03/96 – 01/21/13

On the 22nd it was Cenny.  The happiest little dog with the sunniest disposition, in spite of being passed from home-to-home and in spite of the physical trials he had to endure.  In the picture below, he is with Jo Campbell’s dad who provided his final home.  Cenny was one of three in a litter of six who suffered from IVDD.   You can read about his initial surgery on my earlier post: Cenwyn’s ordeal.  Almost six years later he went down again and the decision was made to let him go.

 C-Myste Baledwr N’Spiration  05/26/02 – 01/22/13

Yesterday, Grace Troup let me know that Ginger lost her battle with kidney failure.  The Troups had three from us over the years, all sadly gone now.  Ginger was a little sable girl from Julie’s third and final litter by CH Davenitch Garth o’Chaps.    Alas, I do not have a picture of her to share.  I still remember her as a little puppy crawling into Grace’s lap at a dog show and saying “I’m yours!”  Grace was just a little girl then too.

C-Myste Heart’s Afire  06/23/99 – 02/01/13

The first loss of the year was untimely and especially sad.  Mirrhi, litter sister to Hannah, escaped the yard through an unnoticed hole in the fence.  She was hit by a car and killed instantly just a block from home.    Mirrhi was a sweet and loving girl and has left a big black Mirrhi-sized hole in the hearts of Gary & Louise.

CH C-Myste Baledwr Mirrhi   01/14/06 – 01/14/13.

Our deepest sympathies go out to another member of the “family”.   Megan and Josh had to let Aussie Lacey go today.   It’s so hard to see so many young dogs become old and then pass on.

The First Blue Girls

It seems to me that people are always writing looking for blue girls. They don’t know how difficult that model has been for us to make. We breed blue and black occasionally and tend to get all black puppies, or one blue girl who is a fluf,f or one blue girl with a red head and no coat. Wally and Hannah One produced pretty boys of many colors, three black girls, and one clear red girl. It wasn’t until Wally and Hannah Two that we had two blue girls to choose from. That’s two out of a total of nineteen puppies!

But in our first litter ever, Smoky x Julie back in 1996 we had not one, not two, but four blue girls.

With the passing of Dru (C-Myste Celtic Druid) shortly after her 15th birthday, all are now gone.

Dru’s “mom” Marion sent some pictures from long-ago days with permission to share.

Marion with Tess and Wendy Sue, circa 1997.

I believe Marion was holding them while Mandy was in the show ring with Dru.

Tess was CH C-Myste Thistle and Shamrock, who is in many pedigrees today due to her single litter by Phi-Vestavia Kallel. I sometimes regretted placing her rather than breeding her again, but she was the only Cardigan we have ever owned who could actually climb trees as well as fences.

Wendy was CH C-Myste Gwendolyn of KT, placed after she finished and not bred due to dog-aggression issues. On the other hand sisters Dru and my own Kacy were two of the sweetest dogs ever put on the earth.

Sweet old girl Dru.

Dru was bred for one litter to Duncan, CH C-Myste Nobody’s Fool. That would be the litter with six black puppies. Kristine’s Riley is from that litter, along with Ellie and Kathy’s Spirit, and Baha, dam to Traci’s Dakota.

Thank you Marion, for the walk down Memory Lane.