Even when you know it’s coming . . .

. . . it’s still sad. Our hearts go out to Noelle this week as she let Music (C-Myste Chaps Heart and Soul) go. Music had been battling IVDD for some time (chronic, not acute). She would have been 12 on the 23rd of this month.

Good old girl

Music and Elvis

Music and Elvis visited Dick’s for Elvis’s ninth birthday last month. Elvis ate his burger faster than the camera could capture it.

This was Music on one of her better days in April after Noelle first asked how to know when it is “time”. I counseled “when she has more bad days than good days”. I also told her that I’ve never heard someone say they let a dog go too early but I have that they have let them go too late. I let Mu’s mother Julie go too late.

Years later I can now remember Julie as a middle-aged happy dog. The other day when I was pulling in to the driveway I was thinking about the way Julie and Kacy would greet my arrival and picturing them in my mind. Of course I have a new pack now who greets me with even more enthusiasm (or wild abandon). But I’m happy that I can remember my first old girls with sweet sadness rather than pain.

Out With the Old Year

Yes, it is that time again: the time for remembrance and retrospection.  It has been a mixed year of losses and gains for our friends; of births and of deaths.  While we may have fared better than most, 2010 is still not a year that I will miss.

The losses have included:

Zipper in January

Porter in March

Fearna in July

Digger in July

Marcy-Bunny in August

Scout in August

Dancer in October

Cookie in October

Klark in October

In addition, tears for:
Megan’s Sidney in October,
Marianne’s Derri this month,
Kathy’s Elbee and Bobbie’s Merlin this week,

And for all of the other losses this year.

But then, there were puppies.

Pilot x Ell puppies in March

Chase x Magic puppies in April

Huxley x Clem puppies in October

Chase x Leidy puppies in October

Chase x Scout puppies in December

And most especially:

Wally x Hannah puppies here at home the end of May

I have always considered 11 to be my lucky number. So here is to a lucky and prosperous Twenty-Eleven to all of us.