Ch C-Myste April’s Fool – 04/01/98-07/11/10

My deepest sympathies go out to Julie Bell and family.

From Julie:

We let Fearna go yesterday. Although I wanted so badly to deny it, it was clear she was becoming more and more uncomfortable. She had become incontinent, and was always so unhappy when she slipped up. I wanted to thank you for bringing her into our lives. She was such an outstanding dog and a true member of our family. As our kids have grown and are leaving home, she has been my constant companion. I’m not sure who I’m going to talk to all day. We miss her terribly but are so thankful she was a part of our lives. I’ve attached one of my favorite pictures.


P.S. I tried not to look at the puppies on your website as I don’t want a puppy right now, I want Fearna. When some time has passed, though, I will probably be back in touch.

Another Farewell

C-Myste Sir Hugh Evans, CD HS FM JHD CGC
04/03/96 – 05/15/10

From Ron:
“Thank you for entrusting him to us. He was our first, and always the best. Smart, tough. Eventually he became a good dog, and it seemed that he had always been a good dog. Well, he was always a worthy dog.

A GREAT dog.”

Thank you, Ron and Kathleen, for giving Hughie such a good, long life.

We raise a glass in memory of Hughie tonight.