Name the puppy

The Milk Bar

I had to arrange the order of the puppies to make names I thought fit them. So, without further ado let me introduce . . .


The big boy.


Another handsome devil.



She had to be Clementine.
As Juniper put it:
”ruby lips above the water blowing bubbles soft and fine…”



And yes, “Dainty” fits.




But now every time I look at him I have the Steve Miller Band inside my head.




The name just tickled me.


While plain in markings she is going to be the same striking brindle as big brother Digger.



She and Feather are quite similar in color and markings and once Dainty grows they will be three peas in a pod



“I” is a hard letter, but for some reason this boy just looks like an “Ikey” to me.


Jigger or Jigs
A cute name for a cute boy and “Panda” didn’t fit the alphabetic order.


Alice’s puppies: first day


Boy 1 – Classic markings


Boy 2 – white spot on back



Boy 3 – one of the little ones



Boy 4 – cool markings (but they may grow together)



Boy 5 – He of the noble white head



Girl 1



Girl 2 – Big red brindle



Girl 3



Girl 4 – I think half-masks are so cute



And girl 5 -the other little one

The next game is “name that puppy”. Usually I memorize an order to the puppies. In a natural delivery it’s birth order but with c-section puppies I group them by sex and color. Then I give them litter call names alphabetically. When we register the puppies they are in the same order (01=A, 02=B, etc). We don’t have to start with “A”, any letter will do. Just remember that there are 10 puppies and some letters are hard to use.

Any takers?