We Are Thankful

For Puppies!

Kady is thankful for Jamie

Kady is thankful for Catherine

For brothers who share toys? Maybe.

Phoebe is thankful to be back in our bed

We are thankful for this year's turkey

This was a pasture-raised turkey from Rogue Valley Brambles. It was still walking around on Monday morning. Yes, there is a difference.

Thankful for husbands who can cook

Ohhh, too much turkey.

Both of the blue puppies fetch

"Wait for me!"

Run, Molly!


Remind you of anyone?

Hiro sits up like Wally, but he also reminds me of a less-fluffy Skye with a better front. I’ll try to get some stacked pictures tomorrow. I’m really pleased with how he is looking.


Things Which Are Cute

Hiro and his grandma Phoebe

Catherine sent these pictures last night with a note:

I was trying to get the dogs to pose for some pictures (of course they were having none of it) and inadvertently took this shot, which I think is kind of awesome. I thought you’d like to see it. Also sending a picture of the chicken house. I noticed you updated Phoebe’s page to say she has four mommies, but I consider myself to be more of a cool aunt than a mommy. ;P Anyway, we got a new couch (leather!); Phoebe went out and by the time she came back in she’d forgotten about it, so she had to bark at it some more.

LOL, that’s our Phoebe! (but I think that Catherine still has to be Hiro’s “mommy”).

Chickens: not so cute when you have to clean the chicken house.

Though I do like eggs.