New Beginnings

Just when you think you have rocks in your head for taking on yet another puppy . . . a sunny day comes.

┬áDora adores Huxley and follows him around, to his annoyance. She looks at him and thinks “big, black = mom!” And then realizes “Oops, no milk.”

Cuteness in a green beautiful princess crown.

Learning to be a dog, she takes her cues from the adults. Or in the case of Kady, from the teenager

Smaller than the flower pots.

Family rassle.  No dogs were injured during this photo-shoot.

Alice makes sure that Kady doesn’t play too rough.

So, you may notice that one dog-person is missing from the pictures. Last weekend Molly went to try out living with Vicki Bockes, who has lost not only Dancer to DM but now both of her old Pems Quest and Cochise. As much as I love Molly to pieces and miss stroking her soft warm fur in my lap at night, Vicki needs her even more. If for any reason it doesn’t work out, Molly will be back. Meantime she is learning to be an only dog and taking Vicki for nice quick walks when they are staying at the condo in Portland.

I spent a few sorry days desperately missing my turd-colored chocolatey goodness princess. Especially midweek when the days looked like this:

But spring is coming, and with it new life.