Lots More Lizzie

These pictures were made a few days ago, and you can see how “things” are progressing.

About a week to go now. X-rays yesterday showed 8 puppies, or maybe even 9!  I’m having trouble with the long-distance waiting.

Megan reports that the whelping box is ready.  Hopefully the camera is as well.  But she already knows to expect me to visit with mine as well.

Update – picture received:

Captain and Lizzie

While we were on vacation, we stopped by Colorado Springs (before the fire!) and dog-napped Lizzie.   Also known as CH Snowrose Poetic Charm, Lizzie is the dam of four champions sired by Pilot.

 Lizzie is such a good girl; she has fit right into the pack. It took her little time to learn to use the ramp in the RV to the upper bunk, the dog door at home, and how delicious chicken is. She obliged us by coming right into heat upon her arrival in Oregon.

Last week we borrowed Captain (GCH C-Myste Baledwr Whomping Willow) with the goal of creating a sex-resort for dogs. Shown above with his little (half) sister Dora, Captain is enjoying his vacation.

Uh, Captain? Wrong end, son.  Don’t take notes, Kady.

Keep your fingers crossed for beautiful blue merle and black pups in early September.  They will be genetically clear for fluff, pink, and degenerative myelopathy.

Meanwhile, Huxley has been visiting Trenton, Denise, and his cousin Malibu in Vallejo.

They went for a walk at the Vallejo/Mare Island Waterfront.

But most of the pictures we have received have shown Huxley doing what he does best.

Not that things are so different around here . . .