Kady’s BIG Brother (and uncles) come to visit

Kady and Fig

Kady was pleased to entertain guests this morning. (Molly was vocally happy about it too, but I didn’t get any pictures of her.)

Fig is an “easy keeper”. During Alden’s recent and final ordeal with her mother, she found it necessary to switch the boys back from raw to Taste of the Wild kibble. Piglet Figlet is now back on the weight-watchers regimen.

Uncle Watson, the Fig Butt, and Kady

Good ol' Duncan

Can you believe that Dunc is now 13½? He seems a little hard-of-hearing but is otherwise doing great for his age. What a grand old dog.  I have more than a few regrets that he only produced a single litter.

"How do you expect us to drink out of this?"

"Silly boy."

Shown right before Kady ended up in the water.

White New Years

It was snowing when we went to bed last night (10:30 p.m.), and we woke up to more white stuff on the ground this morning. I’ve been working from home for the last few hours, so enjoying the view through the window. I’m taking a short break now to post pictures before going to the office.

Yesterday afternoon Alden came to visit, bringing along Ian, Maddie, and “the boys”: Duncan, Fig, and Watson. I made sure to get a couple of pictures of Watson, the 40 lb lap dog.

Kady was very happy to have “the cousins” come to visit. She and Watson played and played. After they left, she took a little nap. Upon waking up, she went to the front door and looked expectantly at it asking to go out. She knew that the cousins went out that way and was hoping to find them to play some more.

Good old Duncan mostly stayed out of the way under the table.

Kady’s real-life big brother Fig is still as handsome as ever.