What’s for dinner?

It occurred to me that I hadn’t mentioned raw feeding in a while. A little over 14 months after making the switch, we have settled into a routine that works well for both us and for the dogs. They have let me know their individual likes and dislikes. We vary the diet less than we did originally, just occasionally adding beef and once a week or so liver or gizzards.

We start with a heaping spoon of cottage cheese in each bowl.



Then add 1 tsp. of Missing Link.
One handful of vegetables or fruit then goes in each bowl. I have found that they like mixed vegetables still frozen, like tiny ice cubes, better than they like them thawed. Another favorite is apples, of which we have a plethora from a tree out front.


The main course is chicken necks. We are buying them in bulk at Gooseberries in Grants Pass and repackaging them to use 4 lbs per meal. They thaw fast if you forget to lay them out, are relatively cost-efficient, and have a good bone/flesh/fat ratio. Or at least the dogs are doing very well on them.

The adult girls get 7-8 ounces of chicken necks (2 to 3 depending on size) per night. Molly eats about 12 ounces, and Huxley gets a whopping 1 lb of necks.

I snapped this picture earlier today. While cleaning out the garage I found the puppy cave that we used for a couple of litters a few years ago. I washed it up and threw it in the floor of my office/guest bedroom. Soma decided that it was just right for catnaps.

It was cool and partly cloudy today and the animals tell me that fall is coming soon.

Puppy food recipe

I haven’t got around to updating the regular web page, so I thought that I’d post the current puppy menu here to save time.

This is what I’m making for eight 9-week old puppies, the same volume that I made for nine 8-week old puppies. As the puppies grow I will provide updates with the current portions.

They prefer the ground meat base to be either turkey or 50/50 turkey and ground beef mix. Some of them do not seem to care for straight ground beef. Others don’t care what’s in their bowl and will eat anything with relish.

Start with 1.5 lbs thawed ground meat (turkey or mix) in a mixing bowl.

In a food processor place:
2 eggs
3 large spoons of cottage cheese
3/4 cups of thawed mixed vegetables, or whatever leftover vegetables you have.
I am also including 1 tsp of Missing Link.

Process ingredients, then mix well with meat in the bowl. Net yield about 2.25 lbs.

This feeds the tribe, or for one puppy you can mix the batch and use for several days. At 8 weeks each puppy was getting about 1/4 lb each meal, two meals per day, so they are getting slightly more than that now. I expect that I will be increasing it to about 10 ounces per meal per puppy in the next few days.

They can now also devour entire chicken wings including all of the bone. Cutting up three chicken wings and throwing them in to 8 puppies creates a giant war that lasts all evening, so is not recommended. Next time they will get separate wings in their crates.

Remember when giving chicken or any meat with bone that it is not cooked. Raw chicken bones do not splinter and are safe for your puppy to eat. Do not attempt to defrost the pieces in the microwave as the bones will absorb heat.