Another loss

This lovely Pembroke girl was Zipper, from the second litter we (well, technically Mandy & Brenda) had from Siskiyou’s Dream a Litl Dream. Zipper was lost last week to cancer at the age of 13. She was from a litter of 11 born in 1996, of which we saved 10.

hanks to Zipper’s owner Sharon Knowlton for the pictures.

Zipper is preceded in death by her half-brothers Trucker (back injury several years ago), Cosmo (recently), litter sisters Clytie (shock from crate injury many years ago) and Manda-Pixie (recently). Her half-sister Scootie is reportedly still growing strong, though blind, at almost 15.

It’s so hard, seeing them get old and pass on. I remember every one of them as puppies.

Pem Puppies and Pizza

Puppies and Pizza, what could be better? Cheri came over this evening and brought the latest group of puppies and dinner. I’m always up for a puppy fix, especially when I can send them home after.

All red & white, there are 3 little boys and 3 little girls. They are 7 weeks old, so a touch young for evaluation. Though of course we did anyway.
This is one of the girls. We put colored yarn on them to remember which was which as we went over them. Colorful Cardigan litters are much easier for telling puppies apart.

I let Molly visit the pups. After all, she might get to be a mother some day. And she enjoyed playing with Gretta in the motel room in Portland.

In Vallhund news, Nikki has just been bred to Hank with puppies expected in about 2 months.

Here are a couple of pictures of Hank from the Portland shows. His registered name is CH Foxberry Elrond Hank. Whelped 06/07/06, he is sired by Starvon In the Limelight. He’s a typey dog with a cute spitz tail. Who could use some more show training. I think that he might make some nice puppies for Barb & Cheri.