We knew he could herd

We are happy to report that Pilot, GCH C-Myste Baledwr Free to Disagree, has added the initials HT to the end of his name. Many thanks to Cindy Curry for taking him to “summer sheep camp” and for handling him to the title.

I’m sharing some pictures from sheep camp; these were taken by Anne Gunn, current President of the CCCC.

Pilot faces a challenge

Pilot faces a challenge

Pilot flanks sheep stockyard

Pilot flanks sheep

Pilot fetches sheep stockyard

Pilot fetches sheep

Pilot strong eyed fetch

Pilot strong-eyed fetch

And from Mary Lott by way of Cindy:

pie4 pie5


Harvest Herding

Kady and Molly got to watch their cousins herd sheep on Saturday. Kady was quite enthusiastic about wanting to play the game herself. Molly was glad that there were laps for sitting on in the bleachers.

Zoe came first:

The highlight of Zoe’s run and why I think I may not be trialing Kady myself:

Huxley/Zoe daughter Minnie is a dynamo!

And she even has a “down”.

If you haven’t seen them, Missy has videos of the run on the Spyrock blog.