"Rare dappled Pembrokes"

Well heck,

I can put stuff on my blog that I can’t put on any of the lists, so I should use it. Liz Myhre sent this link to me, inquiring on whether they were really Cardigan puppies. Nope. Pem pups and Cardigan pups look lots different.

Sorry, Jackie. Pembroke puppies do not come in blue merle. Do any of your longhaired Dachshunds just happen to be dapples?

She’s asking $500 for them and is claiming AKC registration. Someone in Texas needs to buy one and then file a complaint so that she gets nailed with a DNA test.

And fun with google, I found her main site listing her quarter horses: Dunn Performance Horses.
(Update 2011: website no longer found)

Puppies’ first play date

Six Pembroke puppies and their mom Rosalie came to pay their respects today. The Pembroke puppies (4 girls, 2 boys) are 2-3 days younger than the Cardi babies.

Fifteen puppies makes quite a pen full.


Ace was unfazed by the whole experience. But then, nothing spoils Ace’s appetite.


Heather and Golda would like to be held too, please.


“Hello, I’m Heather. I am the future empress of the universe. Pleased to meet you.”


Eagle: “Help!” – Bogie: “Duh . . .”


The double-sided box really helps in teaching future potty manners.
“Milk bar is open!”
“Hmmm . . . tastes like Pembroke.”